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Fans Not Experts has a lot of great podcasts that you can subscribe and listen to for free! Check them all out below!


THE Metallica Podcast - by THE Metallica Fan.

Stranger Danger

The cutest Stranger Things Podcast hosted by a 43 year old man child.

Made Man

A Podcast covering EVERY episode of the classic AMC show, Mad Men.

Maiden Fan Podcast

A podcast dedicated to the BIGGEST metal band in the world (yes them and not Metallica).

Corpse Paint Podcast

Two best friends drink and talk about death and black metal... and a whole lot of nonsense.


The ONLY podcast about the very real sport of professional wrestling.

Geek Mentality

A very rare podcast featuring Stranger Danger and #FNEMovieMonth

Hair Metal Lab

Dissecting and analyzing the most under-appreciated genre of rock music. One song at a time.

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