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Did We Just Accidentally Announce an XFL Podcast Today?

Back in 2001 I watched the XFL just for the hell of it. I made a fan website even. Then the league and my site went away. In that order.

In 2009 I created a parody twitter account called @XFLFootball and guess what - I forgot about it after a few weeks. Then word starts to spread that Vince McMahon might be launching another football league. Some people were calling it the XFL, some were saying it might have a new name. So I brought the twitter account back from the dead and put out a few tweets.

Then today hit. Vince announces that indeed the XFL will be back in 2020 with a live press conference and the rebirth of During the conference Vince talks about the basics of what the league will be. So I updated my avatar to the new logo tweeted that info out. And...

Boom I start getting some actual traction with actual tweets. I think because of the twitter handle people thought it might be the real thing.

Now I'm thinking - wouldn't this be the perfect time to start a new XFL podcast?


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