Football is Returning to Los Angeles!

Yesterday, it was announced that the NFL has approved both the Chargers and Rams organizations to relocate their respective franchises to Los Angeles, California.

In a stunning turn of events, just as these announcements were being made, the lights went out and Vince McMahon's music started playing. The aging billionaire and World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) chairman strutted into the room with his arms flaying about at his sides and a smirk planted neatly between his nose and dimpled chin.

All eyes turned to Mr. McMahon has he announced that football indeed will be returning to Los Angeles, but much sooner than 2016. That's right, the Los Angeles Xtreme are back!

McMahon announced that the Xtreme - the one and only XFL Champions - will once again lead by head coach Al Luginbill and 44 year old quarterback Tommy Maddox!

With no league, stadium, or sponsors to support the team, McMahon stated that they will "roam the streets of Los Angeles looking for any other football teams to take on. Anytime. Anywhere."

Sources are claiming that Jerry Jones has loaded the Cowboys on to a bus and are headed their way at this very time.
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