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Okay, I know I said the key to the Patriots success is with their second half defense, but screw it. It's game day. I'm pumped and I want to see the Patriots just beat the hell out of the Ravens.

gronkingRob Gronkowski hasn't had a real "playoff run" with the Patriots yet. In 2010, The Pats were one-and-done against the Jets. In 2011, Gronk got hurt in the AFC Championship game (against the Ravens) and was a shell of himself in the Super Bowl. In 2012, Gronk got hurt early on in the playoffs. In 2013, Gronk missed the playoffs entirely.

This year is different. This year is his his time. I think this year is the year of the Gronk.

And much like the title of a romantic novel that you can actually purchase, I hope that Rob and the Patriots give the Ravens a "Gronking to Remember."

And hell, if you need to get pumped up even more, just watch the video below.


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