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Finally, It's Friggin' SuperBowl Time!

Finally it is upon us. We've wait so frigging long and it's finally here. The AFC Championship seems like weeks ago - oh wait, it was. Well, it seems like months ago then. All the top on "that topic" that I am purposefully avoiding. It made this time a lot less enjoyable. It made sports radio a whole hell of a lot less enjoyable, especially Felger and Mazz - I could barely listen after a while.

But it's over. It's finally over. We're here. It's game day. I have my chili in the pot and almost ready to go. I have my Brady jersey on and ready for an extended Super Bowl party. I'm going over to my buddy's for 12pm - it will be a looong day. My wife will come later on as all my friends and our families congregate in front of the television to watch this game.

Whatever happens - the anticipation is just about over. It's game day...Now we just have to wait until game time!

Oh and a score? How the hell do I know? I say (and by "say" I mean HOPE) that the Patriots somehow find a way to roll. Screw a good game. I want a massacre - in New England's favor of course. Will it happen? Hell I doubt it, every Pat's Superbowl comes down to the end it seems. But I sure hope it does - so my hopefuly score is a Patriots 42-0 win. My realistic score - is a Patriots 28-17 win.

Go Pats! Crush 'Em!

Mike will probably tweeting during the game. Follow him at @mikey_c
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