Bill Simmons Is A Big Dumb Baby And ESPN is Stupid

There was a time in my life when ESPN actually meant something to me. Of course I was a kid then. I have flashbacks of staying home sick from school, sometimes legitimately too, and just lying on the couch half asleep with SportsCenter running all morning. I used to love watching the nightly shows too, recapping the day with highlights from everything - with hilarious, witty banter that was so original for people reporting sports news to us.

Those days are long gone. Probably because the local sports coverage today is so much better, and I can watch recaps directly on league web sites without the need to hear those same, not as original, witty remarks.

I think the real reason is two-fold. One, my tastes change. Two, ESPN is kinda horrible.

Maybe my opinion will change when ESPN spends more than 5 minutes on hockey...

Oh before I go any further - welcome to "Fans Not Experts." I guess you can say this is the first actual post of the new web site. I've been a web designer for years and have been trying to come up with an idea to build. Earlier this week I came up with this idea and design, built it out the next day - registered yesterday - and well, here we are.

There are still a ton of kinks to work out, but that never stopped me from getting ahead of myself in the passed. Why should I let is stop me now?

The whole idea of this web site is a place where people can write articles about what they're fans of. As you can see by the top of this site - I have some basic categories in mind, but hopefully someday we'll have the need for more categories. That would be nice. But you have to start somewhere.

So I'm starting with Bill Simmons.

think I liked Bill Simmons (@BillSimmons) at some point. He is from Massachusetts, and was a "Boston Guy" - a fan of all the teams I love. I remember my brother sharing links or articles he wrote and enjoying them. So what changed with me?

I remember back a few years ago that he was "battling" with Glenn Ordway over at WEEI. That turned me off to him a bit.

I did listen to his podcast a bit. Reading him is one thing - if you have an hour to kill, but I remember seeing and hearing him started to annoy me.

This definitely came off with a whiff of "I'm a super d-bag"

Do I get to speak now? Wow what a child.

Then there's this more recent rant where he goes off on Roger Goodell, resulting in a suspension:

Now, don't get me wrong - I agree with most of what he says here, because he didn't say anything new or all that bold. It's the end that is annoying, he goes off that if he gets in trouble for what he said.

Does he think he said something provocative? Something so out there that he'd get suspended? Maybe the swearing?

But he says that if he does get in trouble - he's "going public."

Well ESPN, because they're terrible, did suspend Bill. And although I don't think he deserved it, I'm one of the many people still waiting for him to go public.

He definitely went public this week. Bill made a few comments about LeBron's struggling start in his return to Cleveland. Pretty harmless really, just his opinion.

Then ESPN's morning guys, Mike and Mike, commented on it, with Mike Golic (the brother that didn't star in Saved by the Bell: The College Years) saying most of the "anti-Simmons" stuff.

In truth I think they took it out of context, and were too judgmental on a throwaway comment by Simmons. But apparently after that comment, they also talked bad about his mother, kicked his dog, and pissed on his bushes.

That has to be it - based on Simmons' reaction on twitter.

(thank you deadspin for not forcing me to look for those tweets)

Really Bill? Really? What a freakin' baby.

Honestly, I can't believe I spent this much time talking about him - but I wanted to have a real/actual first article for the site. So here it is!

Of course - everything I said here is just my opinion. What the hell do I know? Hey maybe I even got some facts wrong, but like I said - I'm just a fan, well maybe not so much here - but I'm no expert.
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