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Mike is Lost

Before I started Geek Mentality, I was writing reviews about Lost on my own site.

I was thinking of moving all the posts over to Geek Mentality, but with only a few episodes left I figure I’d keep them where they are.

There’s not ground breaking about these post/reviews. I started the site after I used to send emails to a couple friends with cool things found in the episode (mostly pointed out to me by the Lost Podcast with Jay & Jack). Most of these guys don’t search the web or listen to podcasts like me, so I basically did the work for him. It’s okay, it’s what geeks like me like to do.

So, I decided that instead of sending out one email for each episode I’d just post them to a blog and share the link with those guys, and they can share it with whomever they want.

So, with only a few episodes left of the greatest show ever, check out Mike is Lost and give me your comments and theories.

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